Friday, August 12, 2011

Keeping an eye on the weather...

It is suppose to rain on Sunday. The day of my long run. I'm debating maybe doing it tomorrow instead. It all depends if I can get up early enough. I have plans on going to Purgatory Chasm tomorrow with my youngest daughter to do some rock climbing and some hiking. Its going to be awesome!
..... and it also depends on how many off these I have tonight.....

.... hey it's Friday. It's been a long week. I deserve a couple :) ... I love DFH 90mins!

I ran 5 tough miles yesterday at lunch time at work. I had to stop mid way through for about 30 secs just to get a hold of myself. I think I was running a bit too hard and I threw my breathing off. I was fine after that. Today I did a good 6 miles in the AM before work. It was nice and cool out this morning. Maybe in the upper 50's. It was perfect weather for running!

Let's see how tomorrow goes! ;)

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Anonymous said...

With DFH 90, one is always enough!