Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hiking & long run.....

Just for the record.... I was done after two DFH 90mins. I can't hang like I use to :(

So I did go hiking at Purgatory Chasm Saturday morning. My youngest daughter "Goldie" came with me.

This is no Grand Canyon, but it's one of the only places locally that offer hiking through forest and variety of rock formations. We were there early (9am) so we beat the noon-ish crowds and took our time walking. I love this pace. Walked for quite a while then climbed to one of the high rocks and had lunch while watching other people below. It was cool

Here's a couple more pics:


Didn't run on Saturday. But I figure I did enough exercise with all the walking around we did.
Today I did a good 10 miles at about a 9min mile pace. It was good all the way through. It was in the low 60's, muggy, and the rain held off until I got home. It was sprinkling while I was running, but it really started coming down about 10 after I got home. Got lucky today!

Springfield Half is 2 weeks away!!

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