Monday, May 6, 2013

Marathon coming up...

It feels weird, but I guess I'm in taper mode. The Cox Providence Marathon is this Sunday coming up, but I honestly haven't given it too much thought. Life in general has been busy. Work & home life have been pure chaos as of late. Thank goodness vacation is coming up at the end of the month!!

Physically, I feel ready for this marathon. My body feels good, my legs feel good. IT bands are not bothering me like they were months ago. Though I still feel some discomfort during long runs, they are not painful as they were. Mentally though, I'm elsewhere. The past months events have left me in a weird state. Not in a bad way, more like in a weird focused way. My last couple of runs have been hard and strong. They have been my best runs in a long time. Which honestly might work towards my advantage come Sunday. As long as I keep my mind on other things, I'm hoping to run strong.

I have talked to a few people from the club that are running this race. I'm hoping to run with a few of them throughout the course. Anything to make the miles fly by :) Race starts at 7:30 am which I prefer any day over a late morning start The forecast for that day as of right now is calling for 30% chance of rain in the low 60's. I'll take that as long as it's not down pouring.


Oh... almost forgot! The wife signed us up for Boston Strong 2.62 Benefit Run this Saturday.

It' the day before the marathon, but I wont be racing it. I'll be pacing and supporting the wife as she does her second race, since I missed her first one. It will be a fun short race. My plan to turn my wife into a runner is almost complete. huh, what?.... I mean, Hopefully she enjoys it as much as her first race.

Anyone  local  running it too?

I've gotten tons of new followers my Facebook page lately. I appreciate the follow and support!! Though I can't everyday, I'll try to post tidbits here and there to keep things interesting.

Any feedback is always welcomed!


That's it for now. Next post will be recaps on this weekend's races. Wish me/us luck!!


Beth said...

Good luck to BOTH of you!! Sounds like you are ready and you both will rock your races!!!

Ty @tyruns.blogspot said...

Wow, already?!? You're tough. Good luck!

Kenley said...

Best wishes on that one man! i know you will do great. I mean the 2.62 miles, not the marathon. lol. I know you can do the marathon. Best wishes to the wife for getting into it. Awesomeness! Cheers!

Char said...

Good luck for this weekend.

Michael said...

Good luck this weekend! I know you are ready for your marathon finish! You will have a great race I can just feel it!

Jim ... 50after40 said...

Good luck! And an early congrats to your wife, she'll be awesome.