Thursday, May 2, 2013

Where I Hang my Medals

I don't have fancy medal hangers like some of you have. I don't display them for the world to see. They all hang on a doorknob of a closet in my computer room. And 90% of the time the closet door is open so I hardly see them.

I am proud of each and every single one of them. Each one represent a certain time in my life, a milestone in my running career. My first 5k & 10k. My first third place finish. My first age group win. My first half, my first full and my first Boston. They are all special to me.

But I dont care about displaying them. Is that weird? I just end up putting the next one over the last one. Though I might end up displaying the Boston medal some how down the road..... if I get around to it.

I'm assuming not all of you display your medals. If not, what do you do with them??


Char said...

I've shoved nearly all my medals into a box that one of my boys made for me in primary school. They sit on a shelf with trophies and ugly mugs that I've won. But there are a couple of medals that I display - my marathon, my half PR and a couple of age group first medals.

Unknown said...

All of mine are in my dresser drawer. I've thought about getting a fancy display rack for them, but the drawer works just fine for me.

Adam said...

I have lots of medals, the first few I wanted to display, now they are mostly in a pile around the house. I have a few special ones I want ton display, but nothing fancy, just hang somewhere. I know that between the Mrs. and I there a bunch we can't even tell whose is whose.

At some point, I may donate them.

Bill Fine said...

My lovely wife put together a cork board display for me in my computer room/home office.....a bunch of my race bibs and medals from my "early days" as a runner (2008-2009). My mother-in-law put together a lovely shadow box for my first marathon (Bay State - 2009), as well as an even lovelier one for my first Boston (2012).

The rest of my medals (including that cool surfboard from Surftown!) hang off the edges of those shadow boxes.

Kenley said...

I melt mine. Just kidding! As of right now, they are all in a race bag. I am thinking on what to do with them. I might get a hanger. I wont buy one though, I might just come up with something myself. I am proud of all of them. All 8 of them.

Trent (Scott) Lorcher said...

Mine end up in a drawer or in my kids room as a toy or in the garbage or in my desk at work. Medals mean nothing to me, although the Boston medal would be displayed prominently.