Thursday, May 23, 2013

This and That Thursday

I haven't blogged really since last week. Work has been really busy. Haven't had time for much lately. But I have been getting my runs in. I even pulled a rare 10 mile weekday run today. I just happen to be up early enough to do so :)


Still haven't scheduled any other races yet. There are a few that I'm looking at, but haven't pulled the trigger. Running with the Wolves -10k is coming up....

One of my favorites. This one I might do again.


I have gained 10 pounds this past year...... I'm fat :( 
I can see my family and friends rolling their eyes.....


I got contacted by someone from Runner's World Magazine the other day. They wanted to do a story on me and on my running....... NO, just kidding. But they did contact me. They wanted to use a picture from my blog (not of me :(  ) in their magazine. I thought that was cool.


Well me going on any kind of diet will have to wait. I'm on vacation next week. Vacation and dieting do not go together (says ME).... Will be enjoying some drinks and some nice warm sun...

borrowed pic from (trip advisor)

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend everyone!!!


Michelle said...

Vacation sounds like a nice idea! Enjoy :)

Char said...

So true - vacations and diets don't mix. The best you can hope is that the damage isn't too great. Have a good holiday.

Beth said...

Absolutely dieting and vacations are diametrically opposed!! Enjoy a well deserved vacation.