Monday, February 24, 2014

The Hyannis Half Marathon

I love this medal!!

The Hyannis Marathon, Half Marathon & Marathon Team Relay was held this weekend in Hyannis, Ma (Cape Cod). Me and a group of friends were all signed up to do the half marathon and what a perfect day it turned out to be!! The temps were low to mid 50s, one of the warmest days we have had in a while. I'll keep the recap short, as we all know that sometimes race recaps can be very detailed and very long. So I will not bore you with the details. So I'll just hit the highlights.

Race start was at 10am which was perfect. No need to wake up extra early to get there. Though we still kinda had to because it was a two hour drive :) ... I drove in with two friends and luckily for us we had friends that spent the night at the Cape at a hotel that was right at the start\finish line of the race. So we met up with them there and hung out til race time.

Pre-race picture with some awesome friends!

The races started on time and for the first three or four miles it felt tough as I worked out the kinks. Only after that did I start to feel good. I had no real plans for the race except to come close to or maybe even PR from my last Half which was 1:36:25. I honestly felt good all the way through. Not at one point did I feel like I was struggling. I had plenty of good one on ones with a few people along the course with me winning most of the battles. Some were a little tough especially early on, so I let hem go as I did no want to burn out so quick.

As I past the 10 mile mark I decided to pick it up a notch and go for it. Only at about mile 12 did I look at my Garmin to see what my time was. I knew I would be close to PR if I could hold pace.

Look at that last mile!!!

Garmin time 1:36:38 - Official time 1:36:22 - a PR by 3 seconds! Woot, woot!!
Ha! I'll take it!!

After the race my good friends with the hotel room, Adam & Monica, let us shower up in their room. The shower was clutch! Nothing better than feeling brand new after a good race! Thank you soo much!! We owe you big time!!!


After hanging out for a while a few of us decided to out for lunch at "Not Your Average Joes"...

Great times with great friends....


Hyannis was a great race for everyone. Weather was perfect, the course was beautiful and many of us PRd or came close to it. A very successful day for everyone!! Congrats to everyone!!


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Char said...

Congratulations! A PR is a PR whether it's by minutes or seconds. And to do it with all your friends there makes it extra special.

Pam @ said...

Congratulations on the PR!

Anonymous said...

A PR and a sweet medal. Weekend Owned!

Michael said...

Congrats on the new PR whether by seconds or minutes it's still a PR!! Sounds like you had a great race.

And, forgive me for saying this, but that beard is getting out of control. Everytime Jim sees it he's like "that's freaking awesome" and I am afraid he is going to follow in your shoes. LOL.

Gary Cattarin said...

Years back I PR'd my marathon by 7 seconds, so I know how you feel. Go all that way and end up mere seconds different - how'zat? But your different was different on the good side, so it counts! Nice run! Congrats! And thanks for swinging by my blog!

Michelle said...

Congrats on the PR! And those splits are sweet :)