Thursday, February 13, 2014

Leveling Up

A few weeks back, I was contacted by a Tim Ritchie, one of the writers for Level Renner Magazine via Facebook, to see if I would be interested on a project they were working on. They were looking for 6 runners, 3 men & 3 women, from New England that were running the 118th Boston Marathon to do a little bio on us and kinda follow us through our training up to marathon day. I immediately said I was interested and responded right away. I was told that they had a list people people to go through and would be notified if I were selected.

Last week I received an email with a couple of questions to answer and they asked for a picture. There were 5 other email recipients on this email. I knew that I was in!!! Woot!!

Yesterday, while at work, my iPhone was blowing up with Facebook notifications. When I finally got around to checking it, it was because Level Renner had posted the article and my friends and family were tagging me on it.

The 3 men they chose:

and the 3 women:
Pictures posted by Level Renner but submitted by each runner selected.

Article here:

The article is meant to build the excitement about running the 118th  Boston Marathon and to get to know a few of us that are running it. From what I understand this is part one of maybe three articles they will write about. I am super excited about this!!!

I am honored they chose me as one of the runners they are profiling for this project!

Follow Level Renner... Even if you are not from the New England area. They post some really cool stuff about running:

Facebook page here
Twitter account here
or subscribe via email right on their website!

Like the article says.... more to come! Stay tuned!!


Nicole said...

Very cool, congrats!

Anonymous said...

You are becoming such a rock star I don't know if I will be allowed to visit your blog anymore!

Unknown said...

Happy to have found your blog! That is awesome that you were selected, and even better that you get to take part in Boston this year. I wish I was!!!
Enjoy the training and all of the excitement that comes along with being at Boston in such a meaningful year.

Michelle said...

That is too cool! Congrats!

Michael said...

Wow that is so awesome!!