Sunday, February 2, 2014

16 Miles of Fun & Pictures

Fun, fun times....
Jumping around at about mile 6 of our 16 mile run.

This weekend's long run was a 16 miler mostly through the streets of Thompson, Ct. Each week we try to pick different routes suggested by group members. This week's run was picked by my friend Kristen, who happens to live in Thompson, Ct.

This run was no different than other run except for the fact that my sister in law, a photographer by trade, followed us through a good portion of our run taking some great shots of us running and having fun. She met up with us at about mile four and took shots of us on and off through mile nine and then again at our finish. It was soo cool of her to this. She took tons of pictures!!

Here are a few....

she added the words... Love this one!!

Awesome B&W shot

Through her mirror

Some of these pictures I swear are Runner's World worthy... she did an awesome job!!

My sister in law did this as a favor and I truly appreciate it. She got up early and not really knowing the route, followed us for quite a while. She is awesome, I love her, and I owe her big time! She did mention coming out again as we get closer to Boston to do another picture session.

Just to point out... Not all of in the group are doing Boston. Only two of us pictured are. Two others are training for an Ultra, one is doing a marathon in Virginia in March and the other is just running for the joy of it. It's just happened that this week's 16 miler worked out for all of us.

At the end of the run, my wife surprised everyone by meeting us with waters and snacks for all us. God bless this woman!! Everyone appreciated this greatly!

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Boston training for me still continues on strong. Next week's long run is 17 miles. It will be interesting to see who joins me as I will be picking out the course.

I'm like three weeks away from the Hyannis Half, my first half in over a year. Quite a few from our group will be running this half. I'm super excited about it!

This week I will be working out of our NYC office so I will miss our Tuesday night pub run and our Thursday morning run. But as usual, I will bring my running gear with me and hopefully get in a run or two through Central Park or by the Hudson River. There is nothing like running in the city. I love it!!


Til next time!!........... Have a great week everyone!!


Char said...

I'm a little bit jealous that you'll get to run in Central Park. That's always been a running dream of mine.

Jose said...

Char - Running in your part of the world is a dream of MINE!!!

Detroit Runner(Jeff) said...

Wow. She's really good. I wish I knew someone that could do that. As you know, I love pictures at races, running.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. I wish I had a personal photographer.

Michelle said...

Those pictures really are magazine worthy! How cool that she did that!

Beth said...

AWESOME pictures! She capture the absolute joy each of you are feeing as you run! Oh Central Park, how fun!!! Some day, I only go in for the day for work... Sounds like you are loving this training as well as the group runs!!! So awesome!!

Michael said...

I would love to run through Central Park, that would be just awesome.

Great pics. And your wife is awesome! What a great thing to do!

Unknown said...

Hadn't found your blog till now, but it's been fun following you on Instagram! I'll be cheering in Hyannis around Craigville Beach - I'll post my outfit in true runner style ;-) See you out there!