Thursday, December 13, 2012

Vacation Week Tidbits

Ahhh.... feels good to be on vacation. I didn't go anywhere special. Just lounged around doing almost nothing. I needed this break!


This week is officially week #1 of my Boston Marathon Training. Starting off a bit slow. As some of you guys know, I've been having some knee issues. So I don't want to push it. My first run was Sunday after a two week break. The Month of November I probably only ran 3 times. Though my knee is still a bit achy, it's not as bad as it was. Been a lot of icing, compression and massaging. Sunday's "long run" - 8+miles will be a good test for it.

I'm doing Boston even it means crawling across the finish line!!!! LOL


Also this weekend, on Saturday, I will be running a 5K put on by the running club that will benefit our local food pantry. Entry to this race will be a donation of 5 can goods. I made a request on my personal Facebook to my friends and family to help out by donating at least one can to me that I can bring to the race. So far the response has been great. Hopefully I can get a couple more tomorrow before Saturday's race. We all donate, but I'll do the running.... doesn't get easier than that!


Got tons of new followers on my Facebook Page recently. Like 20 overnight at one point. Thank you all for the follow, the Likes and the shares. I am overwhelmed by the support! I promise to keep things interesting, motivating and positive!!


Now back to the vacation...
I haven't shaved in two weeks and have been rotating two pairs of jeans all vacation. This is life!!

Have a great week everyone!!!


Pam @ said...

Ahhhhhh, sounds GLORIOUS!

Michelle @ said...

is it terrible to say I am jealous! awesome!

bobbi said...

Sounds absolutely LOVELY. Enjoy!!

Char said...

That will be me in just a couple of days. Except I'll be in shorts not jeans. Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Best time of year to take a vacation because you can justify the Mountain Man look!

Karien P. said...

Your break sounds fabulous! Hope that knee heals up soon. Have fun at the 5 k!