Saturday, November 17, 2012

I miss running.....

I haven't run since Sunday.... And I miss it. I know, I know,  it's only been 6 days. But for me this is my longest stretch not running. The reason? I haven't really mentioned it on my blog only because I felt that if I didn't talk about it, it wouldn't be real. Or it would just go away.

My left knee has pretty much always bothered me from day one of running. I had it looked at once, 2yrs ago, but I was just told that it was normal wear and tear, and some rest would do it some good. Which I did.... Kind of. I didn't stop running, I just ran less.

Fast forward to the present....After the marathon, that was what I had planned, to run less.
But nooo.... I just kept pushing it. After this past Sunday's 8 miler, the pain in my knee was just unbearable. It didn't hurt anything out of the ordinary while running. I have become used to running through that pain. But after the run, while stretching, that was when I felt it!!

There was no way I could ignore it. It was time to face it.

So now the plan is to just rest..... not sure for how long. Maybe a week, maybe two weeks, maybe more.... I'll have to feel it out.

It's killing me. But I know it needs to be done.


On another note... This is my first time blogging from the train ride to NYC on my Nexus 7 tablet. The tablet works really well with the Blogger site since its Google based. I purchased the tablet since I am going to doing a lot my traveling for work. So far, I am impressed with it.


Not sure when I'll post again, so I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Send some good vibes my way so that I can get back out on the streets soon.



Bill Fine said...

I hope that all your knee needs is some rest.....and that the pain goes away soon! Hang in there, buddy!

Char said...

Not running is one of the hardest things for us crazy people. I had a day off on Thursday and another off today because I was starting to feel super-tired. But because I've started to feel better today, I've been fighting myself all day to NOT go running. We're like alcoholics - if we don't get our fix we get antsy.

Anonymous said...

Be good to your knee. I had the same symptoms and eventually needed an operation because I just kept at it. And regardless of what they say, you are never the same after an operation.

The Unexpected Runner said...

Ugg...that SUCKS! My husband can commiserate...after DNF'ing the half 2 weeks ago we found out he has a fibula fracture. 6 more weeks no running. He is a joy to be around ;-P

Pam @ said...

Be good to that knee! Give her what she wants! ;) Here's to getting back out there quickly!

Kenley said...

Hope u can recover soon. Happy Thanksgiving

protometal @ said...

Just a question: Have you ever been fitted for a pair of shoes? I was having pain on the sides of my knees after runs. Once I finally got fitted properly, I found that I had moderate overpronation and needed a support shoe. Since then, I've been running in a pair of support shoes (Brooks Adrenaline 11s then 12s) and my knee issues have been reduced by about 90%. You may have already tried this, but I would have never thought that my shoes would have affected my knees to that extent.