Thursday, November 1, 2012

Post Marathon Depression

I've thought long and hard about posting this, but I've always tried to keep this blog real. Real for you, but most importantly, real for me. This blog has always been about my thoughts, my feelings, and my experiences with running. I have had many highs in these past few years, and I have shared them freely with you. But with these highs, also comes the lows.

Post marathon depression. I only recall reading one post about this from one of the blogs I follow. I don't recall which one it was. But, yeah, it real..... I got it. I feel it. I've been down in the dumps the last few days and I can't snap out of it. Looking back, I've been here before. I just didn't realize it.

What I am to do? Do I need to continue to have goals to continue to feel content? Do I need to run a marathon every 6 months or so to feel happy? What I missing here?

I've only been running 3-4 years. I still consider myself new to all this. Especially to marathons. One thing I do know, is that I really love marathon training. I love everything about it. I love knowing that the weekends will bring a long run. I love knowing that I have a goal to shoot for. I love the build up to it. But the marathon is over.

I have read of some of you right back at it. Putting in the miles already. Not me. I'm resting these achy bones of mine. 4 days of no running. Probably the longest stretch in over a year. I probably wont run until the weekend. Maybe a full 5-6 days of rest. I just feel like I need it. But I would be lying if I said it wasn't driving me crazy!

I'm just rambling on at this point. I just feel like I needed to get this out.

I will not be sharing this post on my Facebook page like I would normally do. I don't think my non-running family and friends would understand what I'm talking about. They already think I'm crazy as it is.

I welcome any feedback on this topic. Have others experienced these same feelings?


bobbi said...

Been there for sure. Rest. Recover. Then do some fun short races, enjoy extra time with family and friends and take the time to decide what your next big thing will be. Planning always helps me out of a funk.

Good luck!

K said...

Totally get where you are....see my latest post. It's real and according to my husband very similar to post partum blues.

Char said...

Maybe they should include Prozac in the race kit. It's definitely real - that feeling of being flat and unmotivated and just down. I think some of it is because your body is just so tired from being pushed hard for so long. And not having a routine is hard to take. But having a rest is just what you need. And some fun stuff.

smacedo said...

Been there, run for fun for a while. Maybe get back in the pool. Shake things up for a few weeks before deciding on your next goal.

Bill Fine said...

think you must've been referring to my blog, Jose....

It's been nearly 3 weeks, and I'm still not really "right" yet. Have been tired, and my legs feel dead. I know I'm going to come out of it soon, but it's taking longer than I would've suspected.

Hope you're back out there soon...and I'll see you there!

Arena Fitness said...

Take some time. Let your body recover, let your mind recover, and then, like it or not, get out on the road again. 3 to 4 days off is reasonable and justified. But then you need to get going again. It's all about momentum, and once you lose it, it's hard to get it back.

l said...

I feel you pain! My first marathon was last Sunday and I just wrote this blog! Love the comment that your family and friends think you are crazy!