Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My Aching Knee!!

Ever since Saturday's long run, my left knee has been achy. I took Sunday & Monday off from running to give some rest. Ran on Tuesday and even though I had a good run, my knee ached like a bastard afterwards. Grrr!!! I don't need this right now!

No not really...... just upset.

 No running today obviously. I planned a 17 miler this weekend. I honestly doubt that will happen. I'm going to rest it two more days..... maybe even three. If anything I'll give it a test run on Saturday, but nothing crazy. Maybe a mile or two. Right now I'm wearing my knee brace for compression. It feels good when wearing.

Might have to do some traveling back to NYC next week. Not being able to run while there is going to drive me crazy! Hopefully, I'll get to sneak at least one in. Then next weekend was suppose to be my 18 miler, but Saturday I'm volunteering for the Boston Marathon. Sunday I'm back in Boston to go watch my Red Sox play against the Rays. Then of course, on Monday I'll be somewhere along the marathon route to watch 20,000+ runners do what they do best. It's gonna be awesome!!!

I have that whole week off so hopefully my knee will be playing nice and I'll be able to get a long run in during the week. If it's one thing I have learned from reading your blogs is to listen to my body. I'll be taking it one day at a time for now.

Have some good runs in for me this week!


Michael said...

That sucks!! I hope the rest definitely helps. At least you'll have plenty to occupy your mind and time during your time off.

Christi said...

I am sending positive healing vibes your way.

Please cheer the Boston runners on for me! I would love to spectate that race.

Bill Fine said...

Sorry to hear about the knee....just go easy and give it time!

Where are you going to be on the course? I'm trying to compile a list of all the various people I need to say "hi" to along the way......still can't believe I'm going to be running on the 16th!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Are you icing? Tell me you are icing. If not, come by and we'll roll a cold beer on it. Then we'll drink the beer!

Michelle said...

Hopefully the rest will help. Does it hurt while you're running or just after? Maybe KT Tape or a compression sleeve? Both have worked for me...and yes...lots of icing!