Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fall Marathon #2

Fall marathon #2 is just 3 days away. I'm honestly more nervous about this one than I was for the first one three weeks ago. I didn't expect to do as good as I did for that one. I feel like I set the bar a bit too high for myself. I dont think I could ever top that one. At least not this time, not now.
I feel like all of the sudden I have become a master marathoner (in other's eyes) and everyone is asking my advice. It feels weird. I don't like being in that spotlight. I'm no professional runner. I'm just Jose... Running because I love it and nothing else. Sure, I have trained hard the past couple of months, but that is my only secret. I trained hard!!

I have a friend that wants to break 3:35, her BQ, and asked me to help her try achieve this. Man, that's 5 mins off my personal PR. I don't need that added stress. My response to her was, Let's run together and if you feel strong and up to it, go ahead and go for it. I have no goal for this race. I just want to finish strong.....

I'm not looking for a PR. I have already accomplished that with my last marathon. I'm super happy about it and I'm not looking to out do it.

That being said, and honestly for my own benefit, .... I'm just looking to finishing. Baystate, next to Boston, is one of the bigger marathons in the state, It's one of those "must do" marathon for us locals. It's a big BQ marathons for a lot of folks around here..... but not for me though. Not even close. I'll just stick to finishing. (I have to keep saying this to myself.... LOL)

I feel good going into this marathon.... Physically, I feel OK. My last couple runs weren't that great, though today's run (my last run), was pretty good. Mentally, I'm half and half. I'm nervous, but I think I'll be Ok.

Congrats to  those that conquered Chicago and Hartford this past weekend. I'm super inspired by your accomplishments. Both of those marathons are on my "to do" list.


Let's see what this weekend brings!

Let's do  this!!


The Unexpected Runner said...

Good luck, Jose! I hope that with no time goals you can just go out there and enjoy the day! Have a great time & I'll be rooting for you :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, yeah - I ran a marathon with that attitude. Didn't check my watch until mile 19 and realized, holy crap, if I push it, I can PR (oddly, I had just PR'd a few weeks earlier!

So go get 'em - stealthily of course!

Jim ... 50after40 said...

Try to relax. You'll no doubt run another great race. Just don't put too much pressure on yourself. I haven't seen a picture in a while - but if you still got that kick-ass beard, then this one's in the bag! If not, well best wishes my friend ... it might be a struggle. ha.

Char said...

Don't let others expectations get to you. Just keep saying all you want to do it finish then run how you feel on the day.

Michael said...

This should be a no pressure marathon. You have worked all all summer, and have PR to show for it. Just enjoy this one and have a little fun :)