Sunday, October 6, 2013

Almost Done

This has been a long couple of months of training. Seems like everything I have done, every decision I have made has revolved around my running. I have shied away from parties or events where there would be drinking if I had to run the next day. I didn't even want to chance it. I have literally "disappeared" from my  non running friends lives. The only reason they know I'm still alive is because of my Facebook... LOL. But on the upside, I have made a lot of new "runner" friends. Hanging out with them, running with them and being motivated by them has been awesome! It has helped me a lot!

What I have been eating has also revolved around my running. I have been more attentive as to what I eat before runs, during runs and after runs. This time around I did not fall into the "I can eat whatever because I ran (insert mileage here) today" mentality. Not that I have been dieting or anything like that. It has been more of a conscious effort to watch what I eat. I have stayed away from greasy foods which is my weakness :(  
oh greasy pizza..... I miss you...

I've been eating a lot more greens and eating organic foods when possible. 
Now this is a meal!!!

People have noticed. I've been told in more that one occasion that I look "fit". Which is always good to hear :) .... Plus I am positive that eating healthier helped me out at last week's marathon. Thank you all for the comments by the way!

My body has been taking a beating too. I don't talk about it much, but seems like every week something new hurts on me. My knee, my foot, my hip,.... you name it. Something has hurt at one time or another during this training. Plus I still continue to struggle with my IT bands. They have their good days and like yesterday, during my 12 miler, they have their bad days. I really struggled to finish the twelve. I ran strong, but it was not a pleasant feeling run. It plain just sucked!

Today I rested, I did nothing but watch TV,.... and I liked it. It was a perfect lazy Sunday.

Two weeks to go, BayState Marathon, almost here. Then I can rest this body for a while.
Can't wait!


Have a great week everyone!!!


Beth said...

You are ready and amazing. I have no will power with booze or pizza! You will conquer Bay State!!

Char said...

I think you've earned a day in front of the TV. Can't wait to see how you back up for your next marathon!

Anonymous said...

"Today I rested, I did nothing but watch TV,.... and I liked it. It was a perfect lazy Sunday." Brilliant - every Sunday should be so lazy!