Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Weekend

This weekend's long run was an easy 12 miles. So I thought. I dont know why, but all last week I kept telling myself that I only had to run 12 miles this weekend. Only... I said it like it like I was only running a mile. I think the thought here was since I ran 19 miles last weekend that 12 would be cake. What's wrong with me? I did not respect the running gods on this run.....

I normally do my runs first thing in the morning on the weekend but I was busy and didn't get around to it 'til about 2pm. So off I went on my easy 12.... Not even going to go in to details. But it wasn't a pretty run. I just never felt like I got into a groove. It was tough right from the start. I ended up only doing 11.5 and that was because I was close to home and I really didn't feel like running out another quarter mile past my house to run it back. I said "F" it and called it a day.
This was running through my mind during this run

Bottom line is I got it done.... well, most of it.


Today I volunteered at the Foley 5K in Worcester, Ma. It was the Worcester Educational Development Foundation first 5K ever and there were about 200 runners\walker. It was put together to promote fitness in the community. There were many running their first 5k today. It was awesome cheering them on.
My job was to start the clock at the 2 mile mark and then cheer the runners as they ran by. I wasn't alone. I had a handful of college kids (that didn't want their pictures taken) that help with the cheering and got the runners going.
I know. It looks cheesy just sitting there on a chair. But I did the best with what they gave me. 

I dont know about you guys, but I always thought that all the timers along a race course where somehow magically synced with the finish line timer. If not magically, at the very least they were synced by some long range WiFi or some like that. I was way off.... What it really is, is a handful of people at the starting line on their cell phones with the people out on the course telling them "Start it......NOW!!" ... Kinda bummed. It's like finding out Santa is not real. I really like my magic theory.

After it was said and done (or run). I drove back to the starting line just in time to see the awards ceremony and to help out with the clean up. I'm always surprised at how much it takes to put a race together. There is soo much behinds the scenes you never see when you are running the race. It was a very well organized race. Everybody involved did an awesome job!


I'll be traveling Wed-Fri to NYC. I'm hoping to get some runs in Central Park again.
Then I have to mentally prepare myself for my 20 miler next weekend.

Have a great week everyone!!


Bill Fine said...

you got it done and THEN some, Jose.....great job! You're definitely going to be ready for your marathon!

And good on ya for working that local race....definitely something on my list for this year (you know, give a little back!).

Michelle @ said...

Your progress is amazing, can't wait to hear your race report! xoxo!

The Unexpected Runner said...

Ha! I do that all the time....oh, it's only 16 or 12 or whatever this week. No wonder people look at me funny! Some of my most craptastic runs are 3 milers...don't sweat it. Next run will be better:)

bobbi said...

You were just getting that shitty run out of the way so your 20 will be perfection!

Trent (Scott) Lorcher said...

That's a pretty impressive pace for feeling so bad. I can't do two really long runs on consecutive weekends. I like to do them 10 days apart when convenient. I know what you mean about the only part. After running 20 a couple weeks ago, the 13 I ran Thursday morning seemed easy.