Sunday, May 13, 2012

20 miles

First off... Happy Mother's day to all you mothers out there.....
Second... Thanks to everyone's comments on my last post. I really appreciated it.

20 miles done.
What a mental feat that was. Honestly to date the toughest run I have done. I want to sit here and give a mile to mile recap of the run, but besides a couple key miles, I really dont remember much. It was almost an uneventful run. Here are those key miles:

Mile 2 - Pee stop in the woods (damn coffee!)
Mile 4 - Almost got mauled by two bears dogs. I froze stiff when I saw them coming at me barking. I prepared myself to be eaten alive. But all they did was sniff me and walk away still barking. Not going to lie.... I was scared there for a minute. But most importantly, I did manage to stop my Garmin right before I froze.
Mile 5 - Pee again!!!! I need to lay off the coffee before runs.
Mile 10 - *sigh* Ten more....
Mile 16 - Thinking to myself "I cant believe I have to do 10 more on marathon day!"
Mile 18.26 - said I would be at mile 19 by now!! WTH!!!
Mile 20 - Done....I'm walking the rest of the way....

I was all over the place


I really hope they have enough Porta-John along the course on marathon day. There is nothing worse that the feeling of having to go pee while you are running. It's so distracting. As soon as I have to pee, that's all I can think of. If they dont,....  it's Worcester. I 'm sure I can find a store, restaurant or an alley that I can go in. I can't imagine they wouldn't have some along the course.
Note to self... lay off coffee marathon day.

The mental part of the run is definitely the hardest. I was trying to slow myself down the whole run. I kept feeling like I was running too fast. Especially in the beginning.
When I thought I was suppose to be at mile 19 of my run and I wasn't, it pissed me off! I was cursing When I got home and looked at the run I had mapped out, it was then when I realized I forgot to go down a street I had mapped. Oh well. I made up for it and made sure I finished my run as planned.
My knees are achy. I've been acing them all day. The stairs at work tomorrow are going to be a pain. I'm just glad this is the longest run of my training until marathon day. 12 next weekend and 8 the weekend after that. I'm happily looking forward to them.

3 weeks 'til marathon day!

Have a great week everyone!!!


bobbi said...

You are running so strong! So excited to watch you conquer the marathon!

Michelle said...

Congrats on getting through your 20-miler! I still can't imagine running that far and not having a medal at the end to show for it! LOL!

Detroit Runner(Jeff) said...

It's amazing how a 20 miler makes a 12 or 8 miler feel easy. Can't wait to hear about your race.

Trent (Scott) Lorcher said...

Those 20-milers are character builders, eh? I'll be trolling for tips after you run Worcester.

The Unexpected Runner said...

Now you can say as you taper...." it's ONLY 12 miles" ;-D

Great job! Looks to me like you killed it!

Anonymous said...

Looking good dude. You are going to be just fine on marathon day!