Friday, November 1, 2013

I Wish I Was Running NYC...

Well here I am. I have only run twice since Bay State Marathon. And you know what? I'm OK with that. I'm in no rush to jump back into it. These old bones need the rest. Plus, work has been keeping me way too busy. For past two weeks I've been covering for our European office which is 6 hours ahead of us, so I have been getting up at the wee hours of the morning to deal with any issues they may have. To then work a full day at my office. PLUS this week I'm working out of the NYC office. It's been busy!! I'm on the train back home as I blog tonight.

This Sunday is the ING NYC Marathon. New York City was flooded with runners from all over the world this week. While watching my beloved Red Sox (World Champs!!) on Wednesday night at the Heartland Brewery at the Empire State Building, I chatted with runners from Holland. The were telling me that there were over 250 from their running club in Holland coming to run NYC. Wow!

I of course wasn't going to pass up the chance of running this week while in NYC. This morning I headed out early in the rain and headed towards Central Park. I wanted to see the finish line for the marathon. Not knowing where it was exactly, I found it fairly easy. I just followed the hundreds of runners that were already out there that morning.

Plus it was just about all set up leading up to the finish line.

The finish line

A group of runners taking a picture in front of the finish line.
Not sure where they were from. They were speaking some language I didn't recognize.

And hey.... why the hell not? .... Haha!

And no I have not shaved yet..... how's it look Char?? LOL

I have to admit. I started to get a little bit jealous when I saw all the runners out there and the whole set up for the marathon. Can't tell you how many times I was asked this week if I was running it :(   .... After talking to a few of my friends today, we have decided to try our luck and enter the lottery for next years race. How sweet would that be! We'll wait and see.


Speaking of races, I do have one race scheduled for the end of the year. The Jingle Bell Half in Salem, NH on the Dec 14th. Runnning it with a group of friends. It will be a fun race. Plus... they have beer at the finish line!! Woot!!


Tomorrow I go to cheer on my wife as she does another 5k in the morning. She is slowly turning into one of us!! Ha!


Have a great weekend every one. And if you're racing, run hard!!!


Char said...

Ha ha ha. That beard! Is it going to stay on till your next marathon?

Detroit Runner(Jeff) said...

Great pics. NYC is on my list some day. While I want to run it, it sure seems like such a hassle logistically. I liked Indy where I walked out 1\2 hour before the start.

Michael said...

It would be cool to be in NY when the marathon was in town whether you were running it or not. But yes, it would def make you want to run it. Good luck with the lottery next year.