Sunday, November 10, 2013

I Don't Even Know You Anymore....

"So I signed up for a 10k this month"

"I went to Sneakerama during my lunch they recommended I try running in New Balance's 860 v2"

"You wanna run this Sunday?"

"I can't believe I PR'd by a minute at the 5k!"

"My feet are sore"

"My knee hurts"

"I love my new running shoes!"

"So I was thinking. I need to start doing more hills. I need to get stronger at them."

"I need to get faster."

"Maybe I can do a half marathon...... What do you think?"


This is Me with a blank stare on my face.....

I heard the words perfectly. I understood it all. These are things I've heard many runners say. These are words that at one time even came out of my mouth. They are familiar words. They make sense.

What doesn't make sense is who is saying them. Something's not right here. I'm a bit confused. Who is this person talking to me? Am I in the wrong house? She looks like my wife. Dresses like my wife. Except for the words coming out of her mouth, she sounds like my wife.

Who are you??

This is coming from someone who used to question my spending habits when it came to races and running gear. Who thought I was crazy for running a much as I did. Who thought my friends were all crazy too. Someone who would give ME the blank stare when I talked to her about my running. 

Now there she is. She has a handful of 5Ks under her belt. New running shoes. New running gear. Running every couple of days. A couple of my "crazy" friend are now her friends. Her next challenge is a 10K coming up in two weeks. ... and she is ready for it.

It's weird to hear her get excited about races and running in general. She "gets it" now. I must admit it's kinda cool. But she still doesn't consider herself as a "runner". Yeah,... I laugh at that.

Welcome to our world... You are officially as crazy as the rest of us!!


Char said...

This running thing is pretty contagious. It was inevitable.

Anonymous said...

We're all doomed! Well, at least our pocket books are...

Michelle said...

She drank the kool-aid :)

it's all about pace said...

very cool.

Kenley said...

Thanks for sharing this. My wife runs some, and wants to do a 5k soon, probably after the baby is born. lol. I am so glad to hear about your wife getting into it. Best of luck to both of you. Whoop Whoop!