Monday, June 17, 2013

A Little Bit of Everything

So here I am.... Looking at the screen in front of me. I don't know what to write about. This is the 4th day this past week where I want to do some blogging, but don't know where to begin. Writers block? No not really. I have a lot on my mind actually. I think that's where the problems lies.  I have a lot of little things on my mind and not enough of one subject to write out a blog entry.

I guess I'll start somewhere and see where it goes.

In a Funk
Though I have been getting my runs in, I feel like they have been stale. I feel like I have been running just to run. With no purpose. Still running on and off with my Garmin.

Need to start Racing
This might help! But life has been busy. Work, family, and home projects, feels like I'm always doing something. So trying to plan out races have been a bit difficult. Also, with upcoming home projects, the cost of races factor in as well. Will have to chose wisely.

Members Only
No, not the jacket..... The club is having their "Members Only" run this Wednesday afternoon. A fun run mostly with dinner afterwards..... yumm....I'm hoping I can get out of work in a decent time to make it there! It will be a good chance to meet some new people and also to put faces\voices to people on their Facebook page.

New Runner at work
There is a guy at work that has bee running on and off, but has recently become more serious about it. He's been running at work during his lunch. He's been asking me about different routes to run, so last week I ran with him to show him a good 5 miler. This dude is fast. He easily runs a 7min mile pace. He slowed it down a bit for me, but we were still cruisin. I was running at a race pace. I caught myself gasping for air as we talked during this run. It was a great 5 miler. But I was toast at work after :) .... he'll be great to run with for my speed workouts!

I am Sparta!!!!!
I just won an entry to a Spartan Race thanks to Michael over at Slowly Tri-ing. This is gonna be awesome. Thank you Michael!!!!!!

The wife is a runner now?
She just signed us up for a 5k in July in Oxford, Ma. This will be her 3rd 5k. And she just told me to make sure I set the alarm tonight because she is going running in the morning....Things are getting weird around here......

'Til next time!! Have a great week everyone!!!


Michael said...

Hey new runners everywhere. Runners at home and at work...perhaps that will help you get out of your funk :)

It's great your wife is getting into it. You can take it from Jim and I - it really helps when your spouse "gets" it.

That guy at work is super speedy for someone who just "started" running. I have a feeling he's definitely ran before.

Michelle said...

It's great that your wife's got the running bug! Everyone goes through a running lull at some point - I'm sure you'll get back into a groove soon.