Sunday, July 20, 2014

Tri-State Running

I'm soo behind in my blogs... :(

Last Saturday, we debut our running club shirts at the Running with the Beavers trail race!

Some of us did the 5 miler, most of us did the 10 miler.

Tri-State Running for those that dont know, is a running club that was started by myself and my friend Joanna as a way to get local runners together. Through Facebook, it started out with 10 runners and has exploded to over 170 runners in less than 6 months. And growing!!

We had ordered our shirts a while ago, and they just happen to be ready the day before this race so we picked them up and distributed them the morning of this race. Since our inception back in October of 2013, this is the first time that we raced as a group at a race. The shirts just happen to be a plus! On July 12th 2014 Tri-State Running became official in the running world! We came in 3rd place as a group in this race!!

I am so proud of being part of Tri-State Running. It's a local running club that we started when there was none in of the surrounding towns. Not only has it benefited me, but others as well. No longer will runners from our community need to run alone. Through our FB page they can find other runners to run with or share training plans with. It's free to join and we plan to keep it that way.

I see a bright future for this club. We have many plans in the works. Stay tuned as we share our Journey with you!

If you happened to be from our local area (MA, CT or RI), please join us for our weekly Pub Run. It's a laid back easy 5k or 5 miler. The choice is yours. Its not a race and we leave no one behind. Then join us after for some socializing and some drinks afterwards. More info on our FB page.

Find us on Facebook!!

Hope to see you local runners at our runs!!


Beth said...

I now am even MORE bummed I was forced to miss the Beaver run... congratulations on your club wish I lived closer north, but it would be hard to give up the coast!

Char said...

That's a great idea. There's nothing better than finding a friendly group of runners to share the pavement or paths with.

Black Knight said...

I am with Char, nothing is better!
Nice t-shirts.
Indeed I never use the official t-shirts, I prefer to wear my own "black uniform".

Unknown said...

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