Sunday, September 22, 2013

Running Has Changed My Life

If you haven't figured out by now, I am a runner. I love to run!! And if you follow this blog or my Facebook page, I guessing you are a runner too. I want to take a quick moment to introduce myself to those of you who just recently started following me.

My name is Jose. I live, work and run just outside of Boston, Ma. I became a runner, kinda by accident. If you've read the "About Me" section, you know that smoked for a good 18yrs of my life. When I  quit smoking at 34, I quickly gained weight and was pushing 200 pounds. The most I've ever weighed in my life!

Though I was happy I quit smoking, I was not happy about how I looked and felt. 

It was 8 months after I quit smoking that I decided to make a change in my life. I started out by changing what I ate. ... and I love to eat. Greasy, fatty, salty foods were my favorites. I never had a sweet tooth thank goodness! I traded the bacon and scrabbled eggs in the morning for yogurts and fruits. Swapped my cheeseburgers and fries at lunch for salads. My dinners are now smaller portions than previous, and I don't eat after 7pm.

Then I started walking..... a lot. I walked before work, at lunch time, and in the evenings. I probably walked 5 to 10 miles a day depending on the day, but I walked every day. One day, walking turned into running. Like Forest Gump said "I just felt like running". No, I did not run across America or anything crazy like that. I probably only ran an 1/8 of a mile the first time I ran. But I knew, honest to god, I knew that this was I wanted to do. It was love at first run. 

 Fast forward to today.

So here I am five years later. I have run thousands of miles since those few steps. I have completed countless 5k and 10ks. I have run a handful of half marathons and have completed 4 marathons including Boston this past year. So not only am I a runner, I am proud to call myself a marathoner!

I have 3 scheduled marathons coming up, including Clarence DeMar Marathon next week. Bay State Marathon three weeks after that. Then doing Boston once again in 2014. 

Where would I be without running? I don't really know. I dont want to know. Running has changed my life in more ways than I can explain.  It's a way of life now. I eat, sleep, breath & live running. It has been worth all the pain and sacrifice.

Lost 50 pounds and maintained throughout the years

The people I've met and the great friends I've made through running have been a bonus. There is no other community like the running community. I am inspired by the people I meet, and hopefully inspired a few along the way.


So this is me. This is my story...., but it's not over yet. There is more to be written.

Thank you for following my blog and Facebook page. I will do my best to keep blog interesting and my Facebook posting entertaining and motivating. 

Please stop by and say "hi", and if you have a blog of your own, please share. Would love to follow you as well!

Have a great week everyone!!!!!!!

- Jose


Michelle @ said...

you rock!

Bill Fine said...

proud to be your friend! You do ROCK!!!

Bill Fine said...

proud to be your friend! You do ROCK!!!

Char said...

That's a great story. And it's not over yet. There's going to be a lot more races and running adventures in your future.

The Unexpected Runner said...

I have a feeling that the best is yet to come! Keep on enjoying the run :)

Detroit Runner(Jeff) said...

Great post Jose. As you know, our stories are similar although I didn't smoke but otherwise I have followed in your footsteps. You have been an inspiration for my running.

Beth said...

Jose - Awesome post. Love the picture, the look of pride and satisfaction is perfect. I really identify with how you started running, I was similar. Walking got really boring and C25K seemed like I'd like to give it a try. Keep on running! I've enjoyed following you and getting to know you over the blogosphere! Good luck at Clarence DeMar!!

it's all about pace said...

Great story so far... looing forward to following along with it's continuation.

Michael said...

Love this!! I always loving hearing people's "stories". I think it's amazing that you quit smoking after all that time, and then took another big step in overall health by starting to work out. You did it just the right way....started slow and worked your way in. Congrats on 5 years running! You are AWESOME!

jennai said...

I love the stories of the people who quite the smoking for the special reason