Sunday, September 8, 2013

Another Great Weekend of Runs....

I think us as runners, as people, we always want to do better. Better than our last run. Better than our last race. I think, whether we say it or not, we all long for that next PR or to place in a race. I know I do. My last post, which I deleted cause it was such a downer post, touched on me wanting to be a lot better and faster than what I am. If you read it, please dont get the wrong impressing of me. I've been training hard these past couple of months and I feel like I have been chipping away at getting better and faster. The slow progress sometimes eats at me that's all.

.... so let's just move along.


Saturday, Canal Diggers 5k. This is the 3rd year I ran this race. One of my favorites races and also my current 5k PR from 2012 - 20:33. My wife also ran this race for the first time (her 3rd 5k) and she did awesome!!!

31:21 - Killing it!!!!

Me going back to my previous topic of getting better\faster, I wanted to PR in this race. My goal was to come in under 20mins. As soon as the gun went off, so did I! Through out the whole race I felt pretty good. Didn't feel like I was dying through it. As I approach the finish line I could see the clock at 19:56\57\58\59 - 20:00.... I was like "Sh*t!!!"

See my mouth halfway through the word "sh*t!" :)
 My Garmin read - 20:01

Not too long after the finish times were posted and to my surprise, the chip time had me a second  under 20mins!!!!!!!! Woot, woot!!! 
I finally did it!!! Officially under 20mins!! (even if just barely!)
I can't tell you how much this made my day!!! 

After the race we enjoyed some free drinks and food that were offered to all runners.
My wife's first medal!! I am soo proud of her!!
Can't wait til our next race!


Sunday -  My friends, Jen & Melissa, who are also running the Clarence DeMar Marathon, were planning of running 21 miles of the Boston Marathon course from Hopkinton to Boston College as part of their training and asked me to come along. As I mentioned before, it was the same day as the Jimmy Fund Walk (a walk that does the whole marathon course). So there was crowd support, police support and most importantly porta potties through the course!!
The run went great. There is nothing like having company through a long run. Time just flew by and next thing you know we were at mile 17.5 looking at heart break hill. Melissa decided to take it easy up the hill. Jen ran half way up with me before she decided to take it easy. I then ran the rest by myself.

My last 4 miles were a lot faster than the rest

At the 21 mile marker, there was a water stop and porta potties just waiting for us. The volunteers were great, they encouraged us to take drinks and snacks. It was perfect!!!

Jen, Melissa, & myself..... Thanks for the great run today!!!

I also need to thank Jen's husband, Pete, for supporting us throughout the whole course. He met up with us at key locations with water and snacks and just making sure that we were OK. He also gave us a ride back to our cars in Hopkinton. We couldn't have done it with out him.
I dont know if you read my blog Pete, but thanks a million for the support!

Looking forward to tapering and less mileage. Actually, I'm looking forward to finishing off both upcoming marathons and getting back to a "normal" life. For a while anyways.... I miss my non-running friends... Ha!

Have a great week everyone!!


Char said...

I'm in 100% agreement about having company on those really long runs. I don't know how people do it alone.

Congratulations on the sub-20 min finish. That's so fast!

The Unexpected Runner said...

Congrats to you & your wife!!!! Awesome!

it's all about pace said...

sub 20... congratulations!

Michelle said...

Now that's a good weekend of running! Congrats on the sub-20 and big congrats to your wife!!

protometal @ said...

Nice job breaking 20 minutes! (I really want to join you in the not so distant future.)

Ty @tyruns.blogspot said...

Congrats onthe sub 20!!!

Detroit Runner(Jeff) said...

Holy cow and you think my training is going well? Congrats on breaking 20 minutes. That's beyond my reach!