Saturday, November 5, 2011

5K x 3 & Joined a running group

This morning I went up to Worcester to run the CMS 5K. Due to some traffic on the highway, I got there 5 mins before it started. I paid the $4 and ran up to the starting line while strapping my iPod on to my arm. There was a good crowd today, about 35 people. This is real low key race. I came in 5th. There is a time keeper, but I forgot to check with him before I left. So I dont know what my time was. It will be posted online in a few days so I'll find out then.
While there, I decided to join the CMS running group. I have been coming to this 5K on and off for about 3yrs, but never bothered joining the group. I really need to start getting out there and meeting more runners. I figured this would be the perfect way. So officially today I am a Central Mass Strider :)

I wanted to make today my long day. So after the race, I ran the 5K course 2 more times. 3 years ago, this feat would have been unthinkable. I'm thrilled that today this is possible. I thought about doing one more lap and making it a 12+ mile run, but time was against me. I had a computer service call for noontime and I needed to get home to shower up. So a 9+ was good.

Last week I fixed a laptop for a lady at work. I don't normally do this for co-workers, but I felt bad for her so I helped her out. She wanted to give me money for helping her out, but I turned it down. I did it as a favor. I was cool with that. But Friday morning there was a "thank you" card with a $100 Gift card to Dick's Sporting Good sitting on my desk. 
It was from her with a note saying "buy yourself some running stuff". I thought that was pretty cool. 

Don't forget to change your clocks tonight (If applies to you). With this extra hour gained just means that I will be out for my run an hour earlier.

Today's Song of the Run - David Guetta - The Alphabeat  

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

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K said...

Very cool! And nice to be gifted with a little running money!