Monday, December 12, 2011


I know I mentioned before how busy I am at work. Sometimes I wish I was exaggerating. But being the only helpdesk person for over 300+ people is just killing me. I'm being spread out thin. I am soo lucky that I can run during my lunch time. If it weren't for that stress relief, I dont think I would have lasted this long in this job.

So I was thinking of something good to post about today when I realized that I was tagged by Jeff over at Another Mile. This is cool. This will make for an interesting post!! The task is to give 7 random tidbits about yourself and then tag 15 7 other bloggers. I'll give it a shot!!

1. My real name is Jose, but my nickname is Pete... try to figure that one out!

2. Spaghetti & meatball is my weakness. I can eat enough to make me comatose.

3. I have 3 tattoos. Tribal on my left shoulder & chest. Youngest daughter's name on left forearm, and a lighting bolt with my 2 older kids names on my right arm.

4. The Boston Red Sox are my favorite team!!! Go Sox!!

5. I love music! Just about all kinds of music. From country to classical, from dance to lounge, from Rap to Rock, from oldies to the new stuff. If you ever listened to my iPod on shuffle, you would think I was a strange fellow......

6. And so it Burns used to be my music video blog. I deleted the blog, but kept the name. The name came from a Jedi Mind Tricks song "And So It Burns" ... (NSFW)

........ummm.... this is harder than what I thought.

7. Though I like to run, I hate to workout. I have to really motivate myself to do anything like that. I'll do a couple push ups, sit ups, etc... and I'm done. I really should be doing more.

That's it & These are my picks:

Forward Foot Strides
The Unexpected Runner
Last Mile Lounge
In Clean Air- a running philosophy
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Slowly Tri-ing

I really didn't know who to pick for my seven. But there they are. Hope my 7 tidbits about myself shed some light about me.

Hope you all have a great week!!!


Jeff said...

Thanks for playing along!

There was a guy I bowled with who used to always call me "Pete" - I've never been able to figure that out!

Anonymous said...

"My real name is Jose, but my nickname is Pete"

It's way to early for me to be even thinking right now...

The Unexpected Runner said...

I give strength training the 'ol 1 set, yup, good to go treatment whenever I even bother!

adena said...

Your iPod and my iPod could have a showdown for most odd compilation of music.

Loved reading this!

bobbi said...

I love reading "random things" posts...your numbers 5 and 7 could be on my list too.